Monday, August 11, 2014

And so it goes ...

Last week continued in its craziness and the weekend wasn't much better ... and then the uterus struck with a vengeance last night. I still eeked out 30 minutes of activity today so I'm over half way for my 1500in31 goal ... but tomorrow I start the fun of going with no regular daytime nap because John will be home and there's no real hope of filling the time (at least for this week) with the pool because of that whole uterus thing. I could, of course, still take him and let him splash around but he won't go in without me so there's really no point in making the trip until everything is back to normal. At least it held off until Sunday night and not earlier in the day so we could have fun out at the beach with his grandfather followed by a short trek through the woods. Hopefully it was enough to tide him over a few days ... or maybe the weather will cooperate and we'll get slammed with rain so I can use that as an excuse. It actually IS supposed to be rainy much of the week but then when that's over it's also supposed to cool down quite a bit. Too cool for outdoor pools, at least. Of course, the weather here is so iffy that I don't even know why I bother looking at the 5-day forecasts. They rarely stick.

Anyway, it's about ten til midnight on Monday and I'm at work debating between chocolate peanut butter or cookies & cream for ice cream. Probably the chocolate peanut butter because, well, chocolate makes my uterus happy. Whatever I choose will officially be Tuesday food for tracking so I can work around it ... right?

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