Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brought to you by the letters E, L & P

(for Emerson, Lake & Palmer of course!)
It's 4am and I've got three hours left to my 12 hour shift.
I want to go to bed.
And that little drink I had about an hour ago? That was just coffee .... and I desperately need more but I'm too tired to get up to get it!
The good part of the 12 hour shift, I suppose, is that I finished another book. I now only have one more to read in the Percy Jackson series (pre-Heroes of Olympus) and just realized that I'm going to need to get another copy of the last book since mine appears to be corrupted or something. I'll check the library for it if I ever have the energy or time to walk up that way again. Maybe I'll ask John to check it out from school for me once school starts back up.
At least I got decent exercise in for the day before getting the text to ask if I could come in early. AND thanks to it not being my normal routine that meant a different bus route and an extra half hour or so of walking time. Yippee. Of course, it also meant a great big lack of sleep.
I'm not expecting much in the way of activity out of my Wednesday. I'm okay with that.


  1. I love the Percy Jackson series too! But I haven't read any of his other books... hmmmm.... I should look into that.

  2. Yay for another book done! I love how you have this "downside, upside" thing going on. Just keep trying to find the upside :)