Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two more weeks!

In two weeks from right now it'll be officially September 2nd. The NoExcuses1500 Challenge will be done. John will be tucked in and sound asleep and resting up for his first day of third grade. THIRD GRADE!!!!! I've actually requested that Monday night off so I'll be well rested to see him off, too ... and be able to take the extra bit of time to throw together a lunch if he wants. My lunch-making mojo is currently non-existent so I'm hoping to relocate it by then! I also have somewhere around 550 minutes still to do (I think) for the NoExcuses Challenge. So in two more weeks I have to find the lunch mojo, squeeze out 500+ minutes of exercise, sleep when I can find time, and avoid killing off anyone in a raging nic-fit. Oh yeah ... on top of everything else I promised John I wouldn't buy another pack. Of course, most people gain weight when they quit smoking and that scares the ever-living crap out of me.
Going to try and blog more over the next couple of weeks, too .... it may help keep me distracted at work when I would normally be going out for a smoke break ....


  1. The kids start school Wednesday (7th and 3rd grade). I can't even believe it!!!!

    You can find all kinds of mojo, I believe in you! And no more death sticks!!

  2. My fiance is trying to quit. Every dollar he doesn't use on smokes we put in our house fund. Maybe every dollar you don't spend can go toward either a treat for you (new purse? Cool pedometer?) or a fun thing for you and John to do (day at the zoo?) He could even help you decorate a jar and help get you excited about it.

    1. Oooh what a great idea! Thank you!