Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bring it on, #NoExcuses4700 Challenge!

I successfully completed (and surpassed) the 1500 minutes for September over the weekend thanks to watching massive amounts of Bones on Netflix and playing a bunch of Sims Free Play while pedaling on the recumbent. And now? The next challenge is going to be 12 weeks long!!! From October 1st until December 24th ... and 4700 minutes!!! That's 391 1/3 minutes per week for those of you trying to do the math. Just about 56 minutes a day.

Piece of cake. (Mmmmmm .... cake .... )

I'm still hovering on the scale at 201.6 which is, of course, FAR better than the 207+ I was at the beginning of the month. Oh, heck, since JUNE. My body doesn't like to let go of the weight too easily. As long as it lets go of it, though, I'm not in a race to get it off. And even if I was, slow and steady wins ... right? Can't get much slower than me .... (I do believe that it's a curse of my last name being Quick.)

I didn't get to read much over the weekend but I'm determined to finish the books I've been reading by the time I get to work tomorrow night. It's getting to the point where I don't really want to put it down and I've got just over 100 pages left. Since the wifi at work is still beyond stupid that gives lots of extra reading time .... as long as I don't get too distracted by Facebook and blogs and such ;)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Is it bedtime yet?

No. It's not. It's only 4:40am and I'm guzzling caffeine like crazy while, yet again, fighting with the wifi at work and trying to watch Bones. On the upside it hasn't been crashing as completely as it typically does ... but it does hiccup every little bit which then sends Netflix all wacky and before I know it I'm watching Bones a la Kung Fu Theater (you know -- when the speech and the mouth movements don't quite match up?). I'm about half way through season 7, though, and would really like to catch up before the end of the current season (being, of course, season 10). I went through wikipedia's episode list and skimmed that, making note of the ones that seemed most crucial to watch as far as plot points go ... just in case I decide to hop around rather than watching them all. (I WILL watch them all ... just, perhaps, not in the intended order.)
I know, this really has nothing to do with anything. Well, it kinda does, I guess, since this weekend I plan on pedaling while watching Bones at some point. There. Now it ties in.
Eh, who am I kidding? I'm just rambling while I wait for the buffering hell to stop and it's either ramble or play Sims Free Play on my ipad and all of my Sims are at work or busy or infants. They aren't really exciting right now. Oh, EXCEPT for the fact that aside from one family (based on my darling boy and some mystery future daughter-in-law) I deleted the entire population of my little town and started to rebuild it with Harry Potter characters. Yes. I'm that much of a geek. Perhaps I'll toss in other fandoms as time goes on... or start a different fandom game on my other tablet... maybe one with random characters from here and there. Before you know it I'll be lugging both tablets to work regularly so I can play/watch Netflix simultaneously back and forth between the two. (Yeah, tough job I have here, huh?)
Putzing around with the reading plan a bit again. Deleting a few, adding a few. I'm not so sure it's really a plan anymore or more of a Thing. It's like a plan, but with more greatness ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Did you know ....

There are 100 days left until 2015?

I hadn't realized it until someone had mentioned it on Twitter. Now I'll be spending some time thinking about what I want to get done in those 100 days.

How about you? Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And then there were none ....

Mere minutes remain to my beloved Agatha Christie's 124th birthday (I even made a lunch for it) so I figured it was fitting to title my post tonight the same as my first memory of Dame Agatha. Oh how I watched the hell out of that movie every time it came on and have read/re-read the book (and play) so many times I've had to buy multiple copies over the years. I was telling someone earlier today on Facebook about how I used to have all of Christie's books until the box they were in got "lost" during one of our many moves. The Mousetrap And Other Plays (including, of course, ATTWN) was in my bag with me, though, so it's still rattered and tattered and beloved beyond belief. When my last arrival at work tonight actually arrived I sat down and said "and then there were none" ... and then started to type. Of course, midnight just passed so it's no longer the 15th here in New York ... but until the last time zone changes I'll still consider it her birthday.

It was an okay-ish weekend. Nothing too exciting happened. Grocery shopping Friday and then again this morning so a bunch of walking minutes. Some recumbent minutes here and there. Decent food (non-egg fast because, well, I was getting tired of eggs and really wanted meat of some sort). 202.6 on the scale this morning. I need to drink more water but it's just so danged boring. Maybe it wouldn't be cheating too bad if I used those sugar-free flavorings like I get John. Would it? (And do I really care?) Hell, most of the time I tell myself that the water used to make my coffee counts ....

This week I really hope to get a decent amount of minutes in. I thought it would be easier with John back in school but once my head hits the pillow it wants to stay there until I have to get him off the bus and then it's all homework and dinner and getting my act in gear (and back to bed for a nap) before work. I really need to start biking or something before my post-work nap but I'm always so tired. Hrmph. What I REALLY need are more hours in the day. Of course, if I had those I would probably end up getting distracted by something else and still wouldn't get my minutes in ....

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My new sidekick ... and stuff

Last night, tonight, and probably tomorrow night I have a sidekick at work named Kilo. She's the dog of one of our guests who tends to bark when left alone in her room overnight when anyone walks by their room ... which happens to be right across from the elevator. Her "daddy" is working overnights this week, as well, so I get custody. She's an absolute darling and gives me someone to talk to AND added exercise throughout the night since she really enjoys walking around the hotel grounds. Over and over and over again. I told her person tonight that I was half tempted to trade him our dog (who could care less if I existed) for her ;)  We just came back in from Walk #2 of the night and she's actually laying down for a bit. It may help that I figured out which light switch switches off the lights in the back half of the front office so she can collapse in semi-darkness. Not on her bed which I carried over from their room, of course. It does, though, give me a little bit to do things like actual work ... and blog ... and watch Hell's Kitchen on my iPad (all, also, in semi-darkness). I tried to watch Miss Marple but there was a loud crash in the beginning of the first episode and it kinda freaked her out. Gordon Ramsay yelling at people doesn't seem to phase her, though. I'll have to ask if she's used to hearing it.

At this point I'm still EF-ing. I weighed in Tuesday at 203 and I'm SO CLOSE to breaking under 200 that I figured I may as well stick with this for a few more days and see if it keeps working for me. It doesn't hurt at all that eggs are so freaking affordable and easy. My exercise minutes have been a bit on the low side at home. Last week I was stuck with the horrid 12 hour shifts. Over the weekend I was just trying to recover from that. I sleep as soon and as long as I can when John's in school and once he gets home my time is full of homework and reading with him, making his lunch for the next day, dinner, and sleep before coming back in to work. If it wasn't for taking Kilo out I'd be looking at next to nothing. SOOOO I reset my post-work nap alarms and hopefully will wake up when they go off and get some bike time in. Maybe THEN I'll get to watch my Miss Marple! (Acorn TV rocks my Brit-lovin' socks!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

*grumble grumble*

That's the sound my stomach is making right now since I, yet again, forgot to bring food with me to work. The good news is that I should be home within the hour and can grab something then. I should also make something to bring into work tonight (and actually bring it). If only I could decide whether I'm egg fasting or just LCHFing that would be a lot easier to pull off! I undid all of the damage that I did last weekend with my whole eating-everything-in-sight deal that I think I failed to mention ... so I'm back at 204.4 as of yesterday morning. I may do a philly cheese steak & eggs-ish thing for tonight. Maybe see about using the sandwich steaks as a pie "crust" and kinda combine my Philly Cheese Steak & Eggs dish with my Cheese-Veggie-Egg Pie dish. That actually sounds really quite wonderful right now. Of course, that may just be my empty stomach talking...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Still here.

Three 12-hour shifts in a row.

Going on 4-ish hours of sleep between each.

Feel like butt.

Still here, though.