Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And then there were none ....

Mere minutes remain to my beloved Agatha Christie's 124th birthday (I even made a lunch for it) so I figured it was fitting to title my post tonight the same as my first memory of Dame Agatha. Oh how I watched the hell out of that movie every time it came on and have read/re-read the book (and play) so many times I've had to buy multiple copies over the years. I was telling someone earlier today on Facebook about how I used to have all of Christie's books until the box they were in got "lost" during one of our many moves. The Mousetrap And Other Plays (including, of course, ATTWN) was in my bag with me, though, so it's still rattered and tattered and beloved beyond belief. When my last arrival at work tonight actually arrived I sat down and said "and then there were none" ... and then started to type. Of course, midnight just passed so it's no longer the 15th here in New York ... but until the last time zone changes I'll still consider it her birthday.

It was an okay-ish weekend. Nothing too exciting happened. Grocery shopping Friday and then again this morning so a bunch of walking minutes. Some recumbent minutes here and there. Decent food (non-egg fast because, well, I was getting tired of eggs and really wanted meat of some sort). 202.6 on the scale this morning. I need to drink more water but it's just so danged boring. Maybe it wouldn't be cheating too bad if I used those sugar-free flavorings like I get John. Would it? (And do I really care?) Hell, most of the time I tell myself that the water used to make my coffee counts ....

This week I really hope to get a decent amount of minutes in. I thought it would be easier with John back in school but once my head hits the pillow it wants to stay there until I have to get him off the bus and then it's all homework and dinner and getting my act in gear (and back to bed for a nap) before work. I really need to start biking or something before my post-work nap but I'm always so tired. Hrmph. What I REALLY need are more hours in the day. Of course, if I had those I would probably end up getting distracted by something else and still wouldn't get my minutes in ....


  1. Or, if you had more minutes in the day you would sleep more or spend it with John.

    I think the water flavorings are supposed to be used to get more water in... I could be wrong though lol.

  2. Happy birthday Ms Agatha!...My husband loves the movies "Evil Under the Sun" "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Death on the Nile"...We recorded "Evil Under the Sun : on our Dvr in 2008. It is still there.