Thursday, September 11, 2014

My new sidekick ... and stuff

Last night, tonight, and probably tomorrow night I have a sidekick at work named Kilo. She's the dog of one of our guests who tends to bark when left alone in her room overnight when anyone walks by their room ... which happens to be right across from the elevator. Her "daddy" is working overnights this week, as well, so I get custody. She's an absolute darling and gives me someone to talk to AND added exercise throughout the night since she really enjoys walking around the hotel grounds. Over and over and over again. I told her person tonight that I was half tempted to trade him our dog (who could care less if I existed) for her ;)  We just came back in from Walk #2 of the night and she's actually laying down for a bit. It may help that I figured out which light switch switches off the lights in the back half of the front office so she can collapse in semi-darkness. Not on her bed which I carried over from their room, of course. It does, though, give me a little bit to do things like actual work ... and blog ... and watch Hell's Kitchen on my iPad (all, also, in semi-darkness). I tried to watch Miss Marple but there was a loud crash in the beginning of the first episode and it kinda freaked her out. Gordon Ramsay yelling at people doesn't seem to phase her, though. I'll have to ask if she's used to hearing it.

At this point I'm still EF-ing. I weighed in Tuesday at 203 and I'm SO CLOSE to breaking under 200 that I figured I may as well stick with this for a few more days and see if it keeps working for me. It doesn't hurt at all that eggs are so freaking affordable and easy. My exercise minutes have been a bit on the low side at home. Last week I was stuck with the horrid 12 hour shifts. Over the weekend I was just trying to recover from that. I sleep as soon and as long as I can when John's in school and once he gets home my time is full of homework and reading with him, making his lunch for the next day, dinner, and sleep before coming back in to work. If it wasn't for taking Kilo out I'd be looking at next to nothing. SOOOO I reset my post-work nap alarms and hopefully will wake up when they go off and get some bike time in. Maybe THEN I'll get to watch my Miss Marple! (Acorn TV rocks my Brit-lovin' socks!)

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