Thursday, October 30, 2014

The scale made me cry...

Happy happy HAPPY tears!  Even with everyone's favorite aunt here for a visit. Even with carbs galore.  Even with not hitting the bike for a good bit of time. I did it. I finally freaking did it!!!

In 20 minutes ...

my body will feel like it's time for me to be getting ready to go home and crash. Alas, it'll only be 3am and I'll have 4 more hours of being stuck here thanks to yet another 12 hour shift. (It's my own fault -- I agreed to do it out of desperation for the extra $.) It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that the new girl is also here and putting a major kink in my regular routine of marathon watching stuff. I may just go into one of our vacant rooms and do so there. Or sleep. I could actually do that tonight since I've been given the big okay by TPTB to do so if needed. Add the uterus being stupid to the mix and I'm just all sorts of meh. It happens. Pretty much every month. And then even when I do finally get home I won't get to go to bed because of the whole "get the kid on the bus" thing and then I have to walk up to the bank to make a deposit of some cash so I can pay my homeowner's insurance before it becomes later than it already is. Yeah .... definitely going to go collapse for a bit soon ....

Monday, October 27, 2014

Then and now

I meant to post this yesterday but my last lazy Sunday was spent, well, being lazy. Starting this coming Sunday I'll be working Sunday-Thursday. Hooray for a full 40 hour paycheck!!! But, at the same time, I'm going to miss my long weekends.

Anyway, last week's goals & how I faired:
Blog: 3 times for each -- Pulled it off here ... killed the other blog. Well, not completely ... but in essence I'm done with it.
Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse -- Nailed it! Currently 15% into The Christie Caper by Carolyn G Hart
Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit -- I sorta slacked on tracking but I'm guessing I did okay. Ended the week at 200.4 as of Sunday morning's weigh-in! I WILL get under 200 again. Some day.
Fitness: 200+ minutes -- Eh. Not quite. Only pulled off 170. That last half an hour could have easily been accomplished but just wasn't.

This week's goals -- pretty much the same:
Blog: 3 times
Book: Finish The Christie Caper (it's a lengthy one -- might take the whole week)
Diet: TRACK (starting Tuesday since Sunday and Monday are already shot) -- but still not stress about the macros
Fitness: 200+ minutes (try try again, right?)

I would SO love to see a number starting with a "1" when I get on the scale Sunday morning. A lack of money is going to mean a lack of being able to get groceries for the next couple of weeks, though, so it'll be a lot of carbs already on-hand, probably. The crazy thing? Since I've stopped stressing about the stupid lunch blog and the stupid macros I haven't been bothered by my carb intake. I even ate PopTarts with my darling boy without feeling like I was going to die afterwards! (They were the seasonal Pumpkin Pie kind ... like I could possibly have passed those up!)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Crazy ...

I said that I would probably finish the book that I had wanted to get 30+% done by Sunday, right? That WAS just last night that I said it, wasn't it?

I finished it on the bus ride in to work.

I didn't think to bring my next book with me.

I'm caught up on all of the shows I normally watch without Tom.

Facebook games are making my brain bleed.

I have 3+ hours left to my shift.

Guess it's time to go hit up Netflix!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mid-week update

Sunday I declared the following goals for the week:
   Blog: 3 times for each
   Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse
   Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit
   Fitness: 200+ minutes

Mid-week update looks like this:
   Blog: nailing it here ... not going to happen for the lunch blog. Quite frankly, I just don't care.
   Book: Finished Heart of Evil that night and surpassed the 30% for Decaffeinated Corpse this evening! It may very well be done by Sunday!
   Diet: Going GREAT! I'm eating pretty much what I want and when I want it -- making sure that deficit stays where it should. Started the week at 203.8 ... this morning (well, Wednesday) was back to 200.8 :)
   Fitness: I'm currently at 115 minutes for the week -- largely thanks to being on dog-watching duty at work for a while the past two nights. Left on my own the number would be a lot lower thanks to the stupid knee/weather issue.

The new girl at work is, so far, working out pretty well I think. I only have her for an hour each night right now and tonight was the first time we did any actual training (last night we talked too much) ... but I think it'll work out.

Not much else going on. I'm debating what to do about the lunch blog indifference. I wish there was some way to instantly post to blogger from Instagram. That one extra step of actually having to blog is what I really don't care about. Of course, I do lots more than just lunches on IG and those would autopost, too. Meh. I think I'll just say screw it and if anyone wants to see the random lunches I bother taking pictures of in the future they can bloody hell follow me on IG or Twitter. I'll still be making the lunches because John loves them and I love making them ... but the whole blogging thing is becoming more of a chore than a pleasure... and it can suck it (and I just took a break from writing this to go tell it so).


I feel better already!

Now, on to leveling up John's Sims FreePlay and watching whatever on my iPad :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stupid f*%$ing weather!

As if it wasn't bad enough having to do yet another 12 hour shift .... but I've had to do it with my knee acting all pissed off over the cold drizzly crap that's been hanging around the air since right around the time I left the house. I should only have about an hour left and then I can go home and put it up for a while and hopefully not have to do another 12 hours tonight since the drizzly crap will still be lingering. At this point I don't know if I'd even be able to walk the 20ish minutes to the bus stop without bursting into tears. Ah well. At least I got puppy time tonight and was able to knock off a couple more episodes of Franklin & Bash and when I come in tonight I'll get to show our new hire how to audit because I guess she'll be doing it on weekends (and, hopefully, be around so I can take a night off once in a while without feeling guilty about making someone else do a double!). I have it all typed out so I may just hand her the sheet and say "Here. Call me if you need help." and then go back to Franklin & Bash. She has some hotel work under her belt, I guess, so hopefully she won't be too terribly, well, terrible.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Focus ... not obsession

That's my big goal for the foreseeable future : to approach this whole journey with focus but not obsession. Immediately that is going to involve not obsessing over macro ratios.

A dear old friend of mine told me: Focus to obsession is a personal perception thing, but if you feel stress instead of like you're just doing something ... its obsession.

You may or may not recall that for a while I had a sticky note on my desktop what I felt I should be doing for macros & whatever. It would change from time to time but it was always there and always something to obsess over.

I tend to be a perfectionist ... and obsessive. If I set my macros and am off on any of them by more than a couple of percents according to MFP I start freaking out and obsessing over how to fix it. It can drive a girl crazy. Focusing more on the calories in vs calories out will be easier and less crazy-making. Besides, tis the season of family gatherings full of cozy carbs ... and I will NOT deprive myself & make everyone else feel awkward and tense in the process. The internal and external tensions only add to the funk that I've been so desperate to break.

Anyway, that sticky I obsessed over was replaced this morning with this:

And then, just a few minutes ago, I remembered that today is the day that I've set as Goal Day in my new planner binder thingie ... so I filled out this week's goals:

Not sure how clear it'll turn up once I hit publish and I know it'll be small, even then, for those who may be looking via mobile so here they are again:
     Blog: 3 times for each
     Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse
     Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit
     Fitness: 200+ minutes

So. Focus. (And some crossed fingers.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Half way through .... ish ....

Pretty much at the half way point of October and at this point the only goal set on the first that I feel confident in is the one based on The Reading Thing. I had said four books and I'm 1/4 of the way through the third (I have, though, changed the fourth book).

The doodles bit the big one (though I have been pretty successful so far with sticking to a photo-a-day dealie).

The exercise minutes so far are dismal at 501.

The scale has been creeping up instead of down.

I need to get a grip on something more than just my reading.

I also need a new planner since I'm one of those "gotta write it down" types. Mine went on an extended vacation with a friend since I was under the impression that a new one was coming to me. Almost two months later I'm getting twitchy. Maybe I'll just see if I have any spare 3-ring binders bouncing around the basement and use one of those. It won't be as convenient as something I could throw in my purse and drag with me everywhere but it would be better than the nothing I have now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More laundry avoidance

I really hate it when our laundry person calls in sick or takes a day off. I have two heaping trolleys to do tonight and I just don't wanna.

"I just don't wanna"sums up an awful lot lately.

Exercise -- I just don't wanna.

Eating what I know I should rather than what I'm craving (nasty carbs) -- I just don't wanna.

Acknowledging the fact that those last two have resulted in me sliding further away from the elusive Onederland -- I just don't wanna.

I'm the Queen of Self-Sabotage. I've been here before. Things are going really super freaking well and then .... they're not. I get in a funk and a downward spiral which turns into an upward spiral scale-wise.

Ah well. The laundry isn't going to fold itself and the weight isn't going to just disappear.

Guess I better get to work ...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Funk Breakers

I'm in a funk tonight and I totally blame last night's 12 hour shift. It takes a lot out of me and I'm slow to recover. John helped a LOT after he got home from school today. Tom ordered in and since he was watching the tv downstairs, John & I took our food up to the playroom and had a little floor picnic while watching the tv in there. (He decided he wanted to try "real people" shows on Nick so we tried The Thundermans and Henry Danger out tonight. Loved them both!) The funk returned when I woke up from my pre-work nap, though. (I really REALLY didn't want to wake up.) Soooo I've been trying to re-break the funk with some reading, some Sims, some & Diet Mountain Dew. I wanted to watch Cutthroat Kitchen but my Dish Anywhere app is being stupid and I can't find a decent stream for the most recent episode elsewhere. I thought I had one but then about 10 minutes in the episode restarted from the beginning. I'm trying another one now .... and if it restarts on me I'll just go back to my book earlier than I had expected. Or more Jezebel. I love that place. It's one of the few sites where the comments are pretty much as kickass as the articles.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TV, Twitter & Other Things

It's a random rambly kinda night. That happens when I'm avoiding folding yet more laundry.


In the past 24ish hours I've discovered that following Canadian tv shows & stars is FAR different than following US ones. Canadians aren't nearly as apt to spoil an episode while it's actually on .... and are FAR more apt to acknowledge random fans (like me!). Tonight I ended up unfollowing just about everyone associated with Supernatural, The Flash & Agents of SHIELD because I don't get to watch them immediately and it's either unfollow or avoid twitter for days. I can't do that. Twitter helps save my sanity at work. On the flipside I AM following pretty much everyone I can find involved with the Canadian shows Republic of Doyle, Murdoch Mysteries and the new (and so far kickass awesome) Strange Empire.

I love Canadians.

I love the others, too, of course .... but they seem to really enjoy giving a scene by scene play by play .... which blows when you're on a watching delay for whatever reason.

Other things: I'm 84.6% done with Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams. I was expecting to enjoy it because I love Ellery and I love cozy mysteries but it has FAR exceeded my expectations and now I'll be chomping at the bit for the next one to be written/released. Next up is a re-read... actually, I think it's a re-re-re-read. At least. Some series are just worthy of being re-re-re-read, you know?

And now it's back to laundry folding. Almost 5 hours to go and a huge amount of towels and sheets.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Ohhhhh so happy!

2 1/2 hours (or so) and I am OUTTA HERE! I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to a weekend quite so much. For the most part it should be a fairly quiet few days ... with the exception of a birthday party John has been invited to on Saturday. A ton of third graders at Chuck E Cheese. I can barely contain my dread glee. He's looking forward to it so I'll slap on my happy face and hope for the best. The rest of the weekend, though? Rest, pedaling, reading & more Bones. Oh ... and trying not to succumb to the uterus-induced urges for carby comfort food.

Oh! Syracuse (well, a suburb) is finally getting a Trader Joe's and the grand opening is this morning! I'm tempted to bypass some sleep to go ... but it's one of those glorious "survive on $25" weeks so I'll put it off. Besides, it'll be a mad house in all likelihood even with it being a weekday during normal work hours. I don't deal well with mad house situations ... but I am super excited about having a TJ's just a bus ride away. A friend of mine works at one near her and is always talking about the great offerings. I haven't been bringing lunch with me to work again very often ... typically because nothing ever sounds good and I figure I've eaten an adequate amount at home ... but maybe they'll have something I deem worthy.

And speaking of lunches, I think I'm over the whole lunch blog thing. Again. It's more of a chore than a joy and while I'll still be making John fun lunches from time to time I just don't think I care about blogging them. The super-awesome ones I'll still probably take pictures of and at least toss on Instagram & Twitter ... but I'm not so sure about the blog. I wish IG had an automatic "share to blog" option along with the options to share to FB and Twitter. Or maybe I'll still post them and just not bother writing anything. I do everything with my phone so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle...

Ah well. Newspapers should be showing up soon which means people should start waking up soon, too. I think the first wake-up call I set for someone is going to go off in about 5 minutes. Yippee.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's that time again!

Another month has started. October is one of my favorite months because I love autumn sooooo much. The air gets brisker but there are still some days that don't require bundling (or the heat to kick on). It'll be a month of new books (just finished #36 on The Reading Plan Thing). A month of new challenges. A month of new losses ... with any luck.

More specifically, this is what I'm hoping to do:

Books: I want to get four books finished in October:
  1. Murder in the Mystery Suite - Ellery Adams
  2. Sick of Shadows (Elizabeth MacPherson #1) - Sharyn McCrumb
  3. Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #2) - Heather Graham
  4. New Orleans Mourning (Skip Langdon 1) - Julie Smith  Decaffeinated Corpse (Coffeehouse Mysteries #5) - Cleo Coyle
The second and fourth on the list (#s 38 and 40 on the main list) are re-reads from long ago so I'm guessing I'll fly through them. 

Challenges: I mentioned last night that I'm rip-roaring-ready for the next NoExcuses Challenge which will actually cover the next 12 weeks rather than just the month. Personally, though, I would like to get at least 1700 of the 4700 minutes done in October. I'm also going to attempt to actually stick with a ____-a-day challenge for the first time in eons. I think maybe I'll go back to the doodles since they soothe my mind and goodness knows my mind has needed it the past little bit! So here's the plan:

Losses: I refuse to set a specific goal for this since they never quite work out for me anyway. If I were to set one, however, it would probably be to hit 195. (I was 200.2 Monday when I woke up from my post-work nap!) I misplaced my tape measure so until that's located there will be no further measurements aside from the scale. Bummer.

So. How about you? Plans?