Sunday, October 19, 2014

Focus ... not obsession

That's my big goal for the foreseeable future : to approach this whole journey with focus but not obsession. Immediately that is going to involve not obsessing over macro ratios.

A dear old friend of mine told me: Focus to obsession is a personal perception thing, but if you feel stress instead of like you're just doing something ... its obsession.

You may or may not recall that for a while I had a sticky note on my desktop what I felt I should be doing for macros & whatever. It would change from time to time but it was always there and always something to obsess over.

I tend to be a perfectionist ... and obsessive. If I set my macros and am off on any of them by more than a couple of percents according to MFP I start freaking out and obsessing over how to fix it. It can drive a girl crazy. Focusing more on the calories in vs calories out will be easier and less crazy-making. Besides, tis the season of family gatherings full of cozy carbs ... and I will NOT deprive myself & make everyone else feel awkward and tense in the process. The internal and external tensions only add to the funk that I've been so desperate to break.

Anyway, that sticky I obsessed over was replaced this morning with this:

And then, just a few minutes ago, I remembered that today is the day that I've set as Goal Day in my new planner binder thingie ... so I filled out this week's goals:

Not sure how clear it'll turn up once I hit publish and I know it'll be small, even then, for those who may be looking via mobile so here they are again:
     Blog: 3 times for each
     Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse
     Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit
     Fitness: 200+ minutes

So. Focus. (And some crossed fingers.)

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