Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Half way through .... ish ....

Pretty much at the half way point of October and at this point the only goal set on the first that I feel confident in is the one based on The Reading Thing. I had said four books and I'm 1/4 of the way through the third (I have, though, changed the fourth book).

The doodles bit the big one (though I have been pretty successful so far with sticking to a photo-a-day dealie).

The exercise minutes so far are dismal at 501.

The scale has been creeping up instead of down.

I need to get a grip on something more than just my reading.

I also need a new planner since I'm one of those "gotta write it down" types. Mine went on an extended vacation with a friend since I was under the impression that a new one was coming to me. Almost two months later I'm getting twitchy. Maybe I'll just see if I have any spare 3-ring binders bouncing around the basement and use one of those. It won't be as convenient as something I could throw in my purse and drag with me everywhere but it would be better than the nothing I have now.

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