Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's that time again!

Another month has started. October is one of my favorite months because I love autumn sooooo much. The air gets brisker but there are still some days that don't require bundling (or the heat to kick on). It'll be a month of new books (just finished #36 on The Reading Plan Thing). A month of new challenges. A month of new losses ... with any luck.

More specifically, this is what I'm hoping to do:

Books: I want to get four books finished in October:
  1. Murder in the Mystery Suite - Ellery Adams
  2. Sick of Shadows (Elizabeth MacPherson #1) - Sharyn McCrumb
  3. Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #2) - Heather Graham
  4. New Orleans Mourning (Skip Langdon 1) - Julie Smith  Decaffeinated Corpse (Coffeehouse Mysteries #5) - Cleo Coyle
The second and fourth on the list (#s 38 and 40 on the main list) are re-reads from long ago so I'm guessing I'll fly through them. 

Challenges: I mentioned last night that I'm rip-roaring-ready for the next NoExcuses Challenge which will actually cover the next 12 weeks rather than just the month. Personally, though, I would like to get at least 1700 of the 4700 minutes done in October. I'm also going to attempt to actually stick with a ____-a-day challenge for the first time in eons. I think maybe I'll go back to the doodles since they soothe my mind and goodness knows my mind has needed it the past little bit! So here's the plan:

Losses: I refuse to set a specific goal for this since they never quite work out for me anyway. If I were to set one, however, it would probably be to hit 195. (I was 200.2 Monday when I woke up from my post-work nap!) I misplaced my tape measure so until that's located there will be no further measurements aside from the scale. Bummer.

So. How about you? Plans?


  1. Great goals! You are inspiring me to dust of my blog and get back at it!

  2. I love reading your goals. You've inspired me to do my own list:
    I'd like to get down below 195 as well (currently 198.4, I'm a slow and steady gal recently), design my characters for my new webcomic, and have scarves for all my craft fairs.