Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mid-week update

Sunday I declared the following goals for the week:
   Blog: 3 times for each
   Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse
   Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit
   Fitness: 200+ minutes

Mid-week update looks like this:
   Blog: nailing it here ... not going to happen for the lunch blog. Quite frankly, I just don't care.
   Book: Finished Heart of Evil that night and surpassed the 30% for Decaffeinated Corpse this evening! It may very well be done by Sunday!
   Diet: Going GREAT! I'm eating pretty much what I want and when I want it -- making sure that deficit stays where it should. Started the week at 203.8 ... this morning (well, Wednesday) was back to 200.8 :)
   Fitness: I'm currently at 115 minutes for the week -- largely thanks to being on dog-watching duty at work for a while the past two nights. Left on my own the number would be a lot lower thanks to the stupid knee/weather issue.

The new girl at work is, so far, working out pretty well I think. I only have her for an hour each night right now and tonight was the first time we did any actual training (last night we talked too much) ... but I think it'll work out.

Not much else going on. I'm debating what to do about the lunch blog indifference. I wish there was some way to instantly post to blogger from Instagram. That one extra step of actually having to blog is what I really don't care about. Of course, I do lots more than just lunches on IG and those would autopost, too. Meh. I think I'll just say screw it and if anyone wants to see the random lunches I bother taking pictures of in the future they can bloody hell follow me on IG or Twitter. I'll still be making the lunches because John loves them and I love making them ... but the whole blogging thing is becoming more of a chore than a pleasure... and it can suck it (and I just took a break from writing this to go tell it so).


I feel better already!

Now, on to leveling up John's Sims FreePlay and watching whatever on my iPad :)

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