Friday, October 3, 2014

Ohhhhh so happy!

2 1/2 hours (or so) and I am OUTTA HERE! I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to a weekend quite so much. For the most part it should be a fairly quiet few days ... with the exception of a birthday party John has been invited to on Saturday. A ton of third graders at Chuck E Cheese. I can barely contain my dread glee. He's looking forward to it so I'll slap on my happy face and hope for the best. The rest of the weekend, though? Rest, pedaling, reading & more Bones. Oh ... and trying not to succumb to the uterus-induced urges for carby comfort food.

Oh! Syracuse (well, a suburb) is finally getting a Trader Joe's and the grand opening is this morning! I'm tempted to bypass some sleep to go ... but it's one of those glorious "survive on $25" weeks so I'll put it off. Besides, it'll be a mad house in all likelihood even with it being a weekday during normal work hours. I don't deal well with mad house situations ... but I am super excited about having a TJ's just a bus ride away. A friend of mine works at one near her and is always talking about the great offerings. I haven't been bringing lunch with me to work again very often ... typically because nothing ever sounds good and I figure I've eaten an adequate amount at home ... but maybe they'll have something I deem worthy.

And speaking of lunches, I think I'm over the whole lunch blog thing. Again. It's more of a chore than a joy and while I'll still be making John fun lunches from time to time I just don't think I care about blogging them. The super-awesome ones I'll still probably take pictures of and at least toss on Instagram & Twitter ... but I'm not so sure about the blog. I wish IG had an automatic "share to blog" option along with the options to share to FB and Twitter. Or maybe I'll still post them and just not bother writing anything. I do everything with my phone so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle...

Ah well. Newspapers should be showing up soon which means people should start waking up soon, too. I think the first wake-up call I set for someone is going to go off in about 5 minutes. Yippee.


  1. Oh how exciting! A Trader Joe's! I've never been to one... just heard about how awesome they are on the internets. I hope (when you do go) that you enjoy it and find lots of awesome stuffs.

    Take it easy on your days of girl!

  2. That rocks! I live in a small town in FL about 1 hour from Tampa and 1 hour from Orlando. We do not have any sort of thing like that! No TJ's or Whole Food's or anything! The closest we have is Publix, which is not too bad but I would LOVE to have some of these great stores everyone is talking about! I just don't see driving an hour there and an hour back. :[ maybe one day. Your one lucky duck!

  3. One day I will visit the States and find out what all the fuss about Trader Joe's is. Enjoy your weekend.