Monday, October 27, 2014

Then and now

I meant to post this yesterday but my last lazy Sunday was spent, well, being lazy. Starting this coming Sunday I'll be working Sunday-Thursday. Hooray for a full 40 hour paycheck!!! But, at the same time, I'm going to miss my long weekends.

Anyway, last week's goals & how I faired:
Blog: 3 times for each -- Pulled it off here ... killed the other blog. Well, not completely ... but in essence I'm done with it.
Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse -- Nailed it! Currently 15% into The Christie Caper by Carolyn G Hart
Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit -- I sorta slacked on tracking but I'm guessing I did okay. Ended the week at 200.4 as of Sunday morning's weigh-in! I WILL get under 200 again. Some day.
Fitness: 200+ minutes -- Eh. Not quite. Only pulled off 170. That last half an hour could have easily been accomplished but just wasn't.

This week's goals -- pretty much the same:
Blog: 3 times
Book: Finish The Christie Caper (it's a lengthy one -- might take the whole week)
Diet: TRACK (starting Tuesday since Sunday and Monday are already shot) -- but still not stress about the macros
Fitness: 200+ minutes (try try again, right?)

I would SO love to see a number starting with a "1" when I get on the scale Sunday morning. A lack of money is going to mean a lack of being able to get groceries for the next couple of weeks, though, so it'll be a lot of carbs already on-hand, probably. The crazy thing? Since I've stopped stressing about the stupid lunch blog and the stupid macros I haven't been bothered by my carb intake. I even ate PopTarts with my darling boy without feeling like I was going to die afterwards! (They were the seasonal Pumpkin Pie kind ... like I could possibly have passed those up!)

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  1. I think you did a pretty good job, as far as your goals! And I sincerely hope you see a 1 in front on the scale Sunday!!!