Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TV, Twitter & Other Things

It's a random rambly kinda night. That happens when I'm avoiding folding yet more laundry.


In the past 24ish hours I've discovered that following Canadian tv shows & stars is FAR different than following US ones. Canadians aren't nearly as apt to spoil an episode while it's actually on .... and are FAR more apt to acknowledge random fans (like me!). Tonight I ended up unfollowing just about everyone associated with Supernatural, The Flash & Agents of SHIELD because I don't get to watch them immediately and it's either unfollow or avoid twitter for days. I can't do that. Twitter helps save my sanity at work. On the flipside I AM following pretty much everyone I can find involved with the Canadian shows Republic of Doyle, Murdoch Mysteries and the new (and so far kickass awesome) Strange Empire.

I love Canadians.

I love the others, too, of course .... but they seem to really enjoy giving a scene by scene play by play .... which blows when you're on a watching delay for whatever reason.

Other things: I'm 84.6% done with Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams. I was expecting to enjoy it because I love Ellery and I love cozy mysteries but it has FAR exceeded my expectations and now I'll be chomping at the bit for the next one to be written/released. Next up is a re-read... actually, I think it's a re-re-re-read. At least. Some series are just worthy of being re-re-re-read, you know?

And now it's back to laundry folding. Almost 5 hours to go and a huge amount of towels and sheets.


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