Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The question of the day is:
What inspires you?
It's a tough one right now since I haven't been feeling very inspired to do more than sleep lately. Motivation I have plenty of ... it's the inspiration that's been lacking a bit. They aren't, after all, interchangeable beings.

This is something I definitely have to think on, work on, and touch back on at a later point. 

Midweek update time!

Blog: Stick with the questions from Get It Scrapped -- I seem to be doing pretty okay with this, huh?
Book: Finish the next two Janacek shorts, at least a third of Hercule Poirot's Christmas -- may not happen. I'm just now finishing the first Janacek short for the week. Maybe I'll watch less and read more at work tonight if it doesn't make my eyes too tired.
Diet: Eat more regularly at home AND at work. It was almost 2pm today before I realized I'd only had coffee -- I'm still not eating enough, but I am eating more. That's something, right? Maybe if I start blogging my work lunches again now that the other blog has been revived it'll help ...
Fitness: 200+ again -- Sitting at 95 minutes right now. I keep meaning to Wii Fit Plus or Bike or TurboJam or SOMETHING ... but then we get back to the whole uninspired mess of being me.

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