Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's sooooo quiet!

John spent the night at his grandparents' house for the first time last night. I had the night off so I could have gone to bed as soon as he left but stayed up to FINALLY be able to set up the laptop he's getting for Christmas (it's GORGEOUS, by the way! I'm a bit jealous!) and didn't make it to bed until close to 9. Normally on mornings when we're all home (or we're home but Tom's off to work) we're up and at 'em 6:30 at the latest. Woke up just after 7am to a very quiet house. I miss my monkey.

BUT it helps with the question of the day (I know - I missed yesterday. The question was "do you feel appreciated?" and the answer is yes. Yes, I do.). Today's is another non-question:

"My body is _________________"

It being Thanksgiving and all I'm sure the answer 12 hours from now will be "about to burst at the seams", but right now it's just a little bit achey. Yep, the uterus is still being mean ... AND I have issues with staying in one position for too long (like when I'm sleeping as soundly as I was overnight). It's not as bad as it could be or has been, though, so I'll take it. 

I may take a little walk since there's really not much else to do. Yeah, I could clean but that just seems silly. It's snowing but not very hard and it has been snowing for a while now so everything is blanketed with the white fluffly stuff and it's looking pretty. And, maybe ... yeah. When I get back from my little walk maybe I WILL clean -- John's playroom. He hates doing it and I could get it done fairly easily (especially with coffee in hand and Food Network playing on the tv in there)... 

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