Monday, November 10, 2014

One load of laundry done ....

and about 4 huge ones left to go! Yep ... another one of those nights ... and I need a break so here I am!

First the goal recap and redo:
Blog: 3 times seems to be the magic number for me ... so I'll shoot for 4  -- 3 is the magic number still
Book: Actually finish The Christie Caper -- Finished it AND the next book on my list!
Diet: Not going to worry so much about tracking BUT I do need to make a conscious effort to remember to bring food with me to work so I don't attack our little shop here with all the crap food. Tonight I tossed some instant oatmeal packets into my purse as I was running out the door. -- Last week I did well ... tonight I'm thankful that there were still 2 packets of oatmeal in my purse because I totally didn't think about it!
Fitness: More than 150 minutes. -- 230 minutes, baby!!!

And for this week:
Blog: I kinda feel like I don't even need to set "3 times" ... maybe I'll start trying to write with more substance, though. I used to do a workshop on creative journaling using writing prompts. Maybe I'll think about doing that here.
Book: Finish Shakespeare's Champion
Diet: Bring something more substantial then oatmeal packets to work! I actually bought a ton of things specifically FOR bringing to work on Friday when I went to the grocery store ... but they don't do a heck of a lot of good when they just sit home in the freezer.
Fitness: 200+ minutes

So back to the whole prompt idea for my writing.... I've found a few sites already with writing prompts for every day of the year (like kikki.K, Get It Scrapped and WordPress' DailyPost) and I think I may just attempt it! Now to decide whose to use .... which I'll think about AFTER I get more of this dang laundry done!

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  1. I love your goals! Do you use writing prompts for the blog, or to actually journal?