Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So, I lied ....

I've decided to give Tami Taylor's 365 Questions a try from Get It Scrapped and today's question is:

What was the last lie you told? 

Now, as a general rule, I try not to lie. Not about big stuff, anyway. There are little lies I tell on a regular basis, though .... like when someone asks me how I am. About ten minutes ago a guest came by and, of course, asked how I was doing tonight.

"Great!" I say ... because saying "like a steaming pile of poo" probably wouldn't go over too well. No one ever really wants to hear that, do they? Especially not when you're just asking for the sake of making small talk with a stranger. What was I supposed to do? Be honest? Go into a litany about how much I'm not looking forward to my shift ending in the morning because I really dislike the morning bus ride/walk home ... but, at the same time, I wish to hell it would just hurry up and get here because I would really REALLY like to go back to bed and try and get some decent sleep because the last few times I've slept I've apparently done so poorly because I wake up feeling even more exhausted than I was when I laid down. Or maybe I could go off on the fact that my stomach is grumbling and I've already devoured the food that I brought to work and still have 5 1/2 hours left to go and I'm trying really hard not to order something or hit up the ice cream freezer or candy shelf because I would really like to but then I'll kick myself in the face when that turns into the scale climbing back over that dreaded 200 pound mark that I've fought for years to get under.

Yeah, sometimes lying is just easier on everyone involved.


  1. I hear ya... if you answer truthfully to someone trying to make "small talk" they tend to fade out and stop paying attention.... because they didn't really want to know. Even working in the health field, you can tell they really don't care what you say... they are thinking they never should have asked lol. So "Great" is an excellent answer!

    1. And if you try to say something non-committal like "Oh, I'm doing" they end up pushing for a real answer. People suck butt.