Sunday, November 2, 2014

The week that was ...

The goals for this past week .... and how miserably I failed at accomplishing them:

Blog: 3 times -- Done ... but only if you count the post that stated the goals.
Book: Finish The Christie Caper (it's a lengthy one -- might take the whole week) -- only at 40ish %. Didn't get as much reading time as I was expecting!
Diet: TRACK (starting Tuesday since Sunday and Monday are already shot) -- but still not stress about the macros -- Not even close. BUT I did do that whole "Onederland" thing even without the tracking. Hmmm ....
Fitness: 200+ minutes (try try again, right?) -- Ended the week at 150. Our poor recumbent thinks I hate it and the Wii Fit Balance Board, I think, has probably forgotten who I am.

Not a stellar week when all is said and done as far as goal setting and reaching. This week .... I dunno. It's my first week back to having a regular 40 hours and it's probably going to throw me loopy for a bit. BUT we'll try.

Blog: 3 times seems to be the magic number for me ... so I'll shoot for 4 :)
Book: Actually finish The Christie Caper .... which may happen with the extra shift at work ;)
Diet: Not going to worry so much about tracking BUT I do need to make a conscious effort to remember to bring food with me to work so I don't attack our little shop here with all the crap food. Tonight I tossed some instant oatmeal packets into my purse as I was running out the door.
Fitness: More than 150 minutes. 

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