Thursday, November 13, 2014

Too Much

Today's question:
What do you have too much of?

Well, weight would be the obvious answer here, now, wouldn't it? I have roughly 35-40 pounds I would like to see gone. More should go according to all of those stupid charts ... but I don't believe them. (Luckily, no doctor I have seen in my adult life has believed them either.)

Other things I have too much of: clutter & clothes. One of these days I'll clear some of the clutter out. Same with clothes. I have a TON of clothes in various sizes that will probably never get worn. I really should sort through and bag up and drop in a donation box somewhere. Oh, and impluse-buy kitchen and fitness gadgets. Some may be tempted to say books .... but those people don't belong in my life.

Speaking of books, how about a mid-week goal update? Shall we?

Blog: I kinda feel like I don't even need to set "3 times" ... maybe I'll start trying to write with more substance, though. I used to do a workshop on creative journaling using writing prompts. Maybe I'll think about doing that here. -- Obviously it's working out pretty well so far. I may even manage to blog on my days off :)
Book: Finish Shakespeare's Champion -- Done! Finished it just before I left work Wednesday morning and started Shakespeare's Christmas on the bus in tonight!
Diet: Bring something more substantial then oatmeal packets to work! -- Doing better. I've done 2 nights of oatmeal, 2 nights of something more.
Fitness: 200+ minutes -- 145 minutes done as of Wednesday night! Half day of school tomorrow for John so lack of sleep for me SO plenty of time to knock off some bike time. I'll get the 200 done and I'll get them done EARLY!

So that's how things are shaping up around here. I haven't hit the scale in a couple of days which is unusual and I blame that on the whole overly-exhausted deal I've been going through. Still not sleeping great and that means I wake up not thinking about anything but coffee. I have a feeling I'm not eating enough again which would normally result in an unhappy scale anyway so maybe it's for the best that I've been forgetting. I should start tracking again... at least until I get my body back into the whole "eating enough to lose" frame of being. I blame that on the exhaustion bit, too. I'm hoping that I'm just having difficulty re-adjusting back to working a full 40+ hour week and that it'll get better soon. Really. Freaking. Soon.

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