Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Things ... as promised!

(Mostly just copying/pasting this from a post I made in one of my SparkPeople groups this morning!)
Scale Thing: I agreed in a group I'm in on Facebook to stay off of my scale for the month ... aside from yesterday, of course. Started the month at 200.4. Hoping to end the year well into the 190s. I was JUST THERE, too. *sigh* 

Food Thing: Since I can't obsess about the scale I may as well obsess about food, right? (Kidding. Kinda.) I've been toying with the idea of trying carb cycling again. I just haven't decided HOW I want to do it yet. Alternating high and low? 1 high then 2 lows? 1 high, 1 low, 2 "egg fast"/extreme low, 1 low? (That was the original thought. I love eggs.) 2 high, 1 low, 2 extreme, 1 low? 

Fitness Thing: This is where I've totally fallen off the wagon. I got hit with a 10 day visit from Aunt Flo and it's thrown me off kilter for 2 weeks. I need to get back on the recumbent AND dust off the balance board for the Wii. I'm shooting for 250 miles total on the bike and 3 days a week minimum for the Wii Fit Plus. 
and the added bonus for here:

Book Thing: I discovered today that if I read a book a day just out of the ebooks I already have in my possession (and NOT stored in my iTunes or Amazon Clouds -- just my DropBox/computer), I would be set for about 5 1/2 years. I've been threatened with an intervention. I'm just going to keep reading, though .... and try to keep my new acquisitions down to a minimum. (What that "minimum" is all depends on what new releases I may come across .... of course.) That GoodReads group I'm in has been debating between 4 books for our next group read and I'd really like to read all four of them:
I started Rest You Merry on the bus in to work tonight. So far the main character seems to be a bit of a dick (and a compulsive one at that) and I love him. Of course, I'm only 10% into it so far ... but it's typically that first 10% that hooks me (or not).

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  1. I'm with you... I need to obsess (kinda) about something at all times!!!