Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It so figures, doesn't it? (And my first Musical Monday!)

Not even three and a half hours have passed since I was lamenting my poor little neglected blog .... and I'm posting. I totally have my dear friend Jacquie to thank since I was poking around her blog and saw her Musical Mondays post ... which got me wondering of what *I* would post if I did it ... which is leading me to do it! (Let's just pretend it's still Monday .... mkay?

It's raining right now ... and from the looks of the forecast it's just going to keep raining.
I want a white Christmas, dangnabbit! 
I live in the Northeast for a REASON!
So I'm actually posting two songs -- in hopes that Mother Nature will take the hint:
May be familiar to you from a Gap commercial from an eon or two ago :)
Holiday Inn is one of my all-time favorite movies -- 
and I can't hear this song without picturing Bing's pipe on the bells!


  1. I love this! And it doesn't make me feel so bad for borrowing your great ideas ;)

    I would prefer to have a 75* Christmas, personally.... but that's just me, and it won't happen lol

  2. Lol Glad to be inspirational!! I want a white Christmas too!! I was complaining on twitter that it is raining and 57 degrees here!!