Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Things

When I get out of work Friday morning my weekend officially begins and my time is (basically) all mine (more or less) until I have to head back to work Sunday night. I got thinking before I left work this morning that I should come up with Weekend Things. Surely I couldn't screw up too many mini-goals over a 2 day period, right? So the mini-thing was to get home, get John off to school, nap, and then figure out my Weekend Things.

The nap was far too short and while I was debating staying up or trying to sleep for an extra couple of hours, I checked in on Facebook and a friend of mine mentioned Third Day which got me thinking back to the Live Wire Tour of 2004 and what I wouldn't give to be able to actually wear the tshirts I bought the night of the show ...
(with bonus Mac Powell bobblehead)
They're both XLs ... but they're Junior XLs ... and have probably shrunk on top of that. I could probably get one on but I would likely resemble a stuffed sausage. A poorly stuffed sausage.

The thought of sausage (a lovely LCHF food) got me lamenting, yet again, how truly sucktastic my eating has been lately and I got thinking that maybe a round of Egg Fasting might help kick me into gear and stomp the seemingly never-ending cravings for pasta and ice cream. SO I bypassed the extra sleep and schlepped over to the store for some more eggs and cheese (with the snow and slush there was no real walking -- it was truly a schlep). On the way I thought about my Things and decided that I would start out simple: 30 minutes of some sort of exercise each day (which the schlepping took care of today), sticking with the EF for at least the weekend, and doing a new set of photos/measurements either Saturday or Sunday (all dependent on whether or not I can locate my tape measure today or have to go find a new one tomorrow).

So there we go.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So here I sit ...

There's a book to my left with only 50 pages left to go ... and Domino's cheesy bread to my right. I know, I know ... total crap food BUT I realized after I had gotten to work tonight that the last time I had eaten was at work LAST night. Not good. Not unusual, but definitely not good.
I wish I could say I had some great big wonderful goals planned for March. I've been mulling that over for the past week and kept meaning to post but not only did I get anything planned, but I got nothing posted. (Obviously. It's been ... what ... 3 weeks now since my last post?)
At least the book is good. That's something, right?

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Not just the blog has been being neglected ... basically the whole damn journey. I've never really bought into the whole idea of Seasonal Affective Disorder but I'm seriously beginning to change my mind. The worse the weather has gotten and the longer it's stayed all sorts of craptastic the further I've slumped. Screw the exercise and eating "right" when it's so much easier to subsist on comfort food and ordering in from the comfort of my pajamas and the big fluffy blankets.

Why oh why is Spring so far away?!?

If I don't snap out of this soon by the time decent weather gets here I'll have undone the past year's worth of work. Granted, that hasn't been much .... but still ....

So I guess I go googling and see if the almighty power of the internet has any good ideas for these next 35+ days (because I know that early "Spring" here can still be pretty damn horrific weather-wise)...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wait ... back up ... did I say EASY?

Well, hell.
Still not quite with it but I'm trying to get there. Really. (It would be so much easier with a decent amount of grocery money on hand. C'mon tax refund! Hurry up!!!)
At least I got John to make that new alarm that I was talking about.
Of course, I haven't used it yet.
Maybe Sunday will be the day I get it all back in order.

Oh. And those Hungry Girl books? Great ideas but totally full of frankenfoods. Hrmph. Real glad I didn't actually pay for most of them .... and that the ones I DID pay for were paid for eons ago.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Back on track in 2 easy steps. Or 7, depending on your math.

I'm currently between books and figured I would watch something on my tablet ... or start reading the next book on my list ... or think about what the hell I'm doing to my body.

It's not much, that's for damn sure.

Not much bad but certainly not much good, either.

So. What to do?

Step One (through Four?): Get John to make me a new alarm for my phone. The one that wakes me up now is him saying/singing over and over again "time to get up." I need him to do one that's exercise related. Then I actually need to set the alarm. THEN I need to actually get up when it goes off. And THEN I need to be active. Bike, dvd, Wii, whatever. Something. ANYthing.

Step Two (or Five ... through Seven): Menu plan. I've got a crapton of cookbooks and just acquired a crap-half-ton of Hungry Girl ebooks -- including this:
(I adored her back in the days of doing WW and have a couple of her book-books already but they're huge and cumbersome and intimidating. And huge.)
Of course, then I actually have to MAKE the food. And then EAT the food. I've slid back into the whole "eh ... it's too much effort" thing when it comes to eating. Some days I don't hardly eat anything just because I don't want to be bothered.

Easy peasy, right?

So. I'll take this week and read (in between my other reading), and plan, and when my next payday rolls around hopefully have enough $ to do some decent grocery shopping. Maybe I'll luck out and already have enough things on hand ...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


So apparently I still suck at keeping up with this blog. Even totally forgot about Musical Monday this week. Ah well.
I'm an hour and a half-ish in to another glorious 12 hour shift at work. I kinda knew before I left this morning that it was going to happen. At least it's overtime .... and lots of time to read and watch stuff and read some more .... and I've got a ton of free coffee on hand. It could definitely be worse.
Exercise has been almost non-existent. I got 9 miles in my recumbent so far and that was a one-time deal. Tomorrow John is supposed to have a 2-hour delay for school but I've pretty much convinced him to take it off completely so maybe I'll get some sleep AND some bike time in.
Or not.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Real glad there are 364 more days ....

Day 1 of 2015 has been pretty much a complete bust.
I meant to get on the bike -- either the one in the playroom to play some Skylanders with John or the one in the living room with my book or Netflix. BUT after not getting a lot of sleep yesterday and then working all night, I spent much of the day utterly exhausted or sleeping. What little food I bothered to eat consisted of leftover crap. At least it's not in the house anymore, though, right?
Working tonight (right now, actually) and then tomorrow morning we're taking John to WonderWorks thanks to some passes we got from my boss for Christmas. It'll mean very little sleep (again) BUT it'll be worth it and I'm bound to get some exercise in walking around the place AND I have Friday & Saturday off so I'll get to sleep then.
Oh. Yeah. Happy New Year :)