Monday, January 19, 2015

Back on track in 2 easy steps. Or 7, depending on your math.

I'm currently between books and figured I would watch something on my tablet ... or start reading the next book on my list ... or think about what the hell I'm doing to my body.

It's not much, that's for damn sure.

Not much bad but certainly not much good, either.

So. What to do?

Step One (through Four?): Get John to make me a new alarm for my phone. The one that wakes me up now is him saying/singing over and over again "time to get up." I need him to do one that's exercise related. Then I actually need to set the alarm. THEN I need to actually get up when it goes off. And THEN I need to be active. Bike, dvd, Wii, whatever. Something. ANYthing.

Step Two (or Five ... through Seven): Menu plan. I've got a crapton of cookbooks and just acquired a crap-half-ton of Hungry Girl ebooks -- including this:
(I adored her back in the days of doing WW and have a couple of her book-books already but they're huge and cumbersome and intimidating. And huge.)
Of course, then I actually have to MAKE the food. And then EAT the food. I've slid back into the whole "eh ... it's too much effort" thing when it comes to eating. Some days I don't hardly eat anything just because I don't want to be bothered.

Easy peasy, right?

So. I'll take this week and read (in between my other reading), and plan, and when my next payday rolls around hopefully have enough $ to do some decent grocery shopping. Maybe I'll luck out and already have enough things on hand ...

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