Friday, January 2, 2015

Real glad there are 364 more days ....

Day 1 of 2015 has been pretty much a complete bust.
I meant to get on the bike -- either the one in the playroom to play some Skylanders with John or the one in the living room with my book or Netflix. BUT after not getting a lot of sleep yesterday and then working all night, I spent much of the day utterly exhausted or sleeping. What little food I bothered to eat consisted of leftover crap. At least it's not in the house anymore, though, right?
Working tonight (right now, actually) and then tomorrow morning we're taking John to WonderWorks thanks to some passes we got from my boss for Christmas. It'll mean very little sleep (again) BUT it'll be worth it and I'm bound to get some exercise in walking around the place AND I have Friday & Saturday off so I'll get to sleep then.
Oh. Yeah. Happy New Year :)


  1. Happy New Year! Getting sleep is just as important of exercise, so don't feel that it's a bad thing to give up one for the other. Have fun at WonderWorks!

  2. I feel you on the very little sleep!! Hopefully you have caught up some!! I hope you all had a ton of fun at WonderWorks!