Thursday, February 12, 2015


Not just the blog has been being neglected ... basically the whole damn journey. I've never really bought into the whole idea of Seasonal Affective Disorder but I'm seriously beginning to change my mind. The worse the weather has gotten and the longer it's stayed all sorts of craptastic the further I've slumped. Screw the exercise and eating "right" when it's so much easier to subsist on comfort food and ordering in from the comfort of my pajamas and the big fluffy blankets.

Why oh why is Spring so far away?!?

If I don't snap out of this soon by the time decent weather gets here I'll have undone the past year's worth of work. Granted, that hasn't been much .... but still ....

So I guess I go googling and see if the almighty power of the internet has any good ideas for these next 35+ days (because I know that early "Spring" here can still be pretty damn horrific weather-wise)...

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  1. Winter is hard! Keep on fighting! Have to do what works for you. What is tried and true. I often think of what I want most vs what I want right now. They are often very different things. best wishes!