Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekend Things

When I get out of work Friday morning my weekend officially begins and my time is (basically) all mine (more or less) until I have to head back to work Sunday night. I got thinking before I left work this morning that I should come up with Weekend Things. Surely I couldn't screw up too many mini-goals over a 2 day period, right? So the mini-thing was to get home, get John off to school, nap, and then figure out my Weekend Things.

The nap was far too short and while I was debating staying up or trying to sleep for an extra couple of hours, I checked in on Facebook and a friend of mine mentioned Third Day which got me thinking back to the Live Wire Tour of 2004 and what I wouldn't give to be able to actually wear the tshirts I bought the night of the show ...
(with bonus Mac Powell bobblehead)
They're both XLs ... but they're Junior XLs ... and have probably shrunk on top of that. I could probably get one on but I would likely resemble a stuffed sausage. A poorly stuffed sausage.

The thought of sausage (a lovely LCHF food) got me lamenting, yet again, how truly sucktastic my eating has been lately and I got thinking that maybe a round of Egg Fasting might help kick me into gear and stomp the seemingly never-ending cravings for pasta and ice cream. SO I bypassed the extra sleep and schlepped over to the store for some more eggs and cheese (with the snow and slush there was no real walking -- it was truly a schlep). On the way I thought about my Things and decided that I would start out simple: 30 minutes of some sort of exercise each day (which the schlepping took care of today), sticking with the EF for at least the weekend, and doing a new set of photos/measurements either Saturday or Sunday (all dependent on whether or not I can locate my tape measure today or have to go find a new one tomorrow).

So there we go.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So here I sit ...

There's a book to my left with only 50 pages left to go ... and Domino's cheesy bread to my right. I know, I know ... total crap food BUT I realized after I had gotten to work tonight that the last time I had eaten was at work LAST night. Not good. Not unusual, but definitely not good.
I wish I could say I had some great big wonderful goals planned for March. I've been mulling that over for the past week and kept meaning to post but not only did I get anything planned, but I got nothing posted. (Obviously. It's been ... what ... 3 weeks now since my last post?)
At least the book is good. That's something, right?