Friday, July 1, 2016

2 plus 2 really DOESN'T equal 43, huh?

We've been doing a little experimenting (a.k.a: eating whatever the hell we've wanted) since my last frantic post and, as it turns out, we're both fine. Fat, but still fine as far as me not getting sick over grains and him not being completely out of control. I told him a bit about Carb Cycling (he's watched some EWL with me before so "knows" Chris and Heidi) and he thinks the Classic Cycle would be good to try. It's alternating low carb and high carb days with one "reward" day. I figured that he would want to do the cycle from their newest book that has 4 high followed by 2 low followed by the reward, but he's full of surprises. Of course, we won't be following the Powell's plan to a "T" because eating 5 meals every 3 hours just isn't happening in our world ... but it may prove to be a good starting point.
If you aren't familiar, I found a Pin that gives a graphic of the basics: the link associated with said Pin isn't working for me, but links rarely work on the computer here so I don't know if it's dead or if the work computer just hates me):

He likes having our reward days on Saturdays ("Stress Free Saturday" as they're typically referred to around here), and he thinks that we'd be better off having a low day immediately before instead of high .... so we're shuffling things around a bit:
Please note the lack of calories and macros. He's 10 and stresses out easily about stuff and this shouldn't be one of those things ... but he is still very aware that he's bigger than he should be and that a growth spurt or two isn't likely to "fix" it. On the low days he'll still be able to have an english muffin or toast for breakfast (he likes "sloppy" eggs and to have the bread to dip in the yolks) and a snack of fruit later on if he wants, but we'll try and stick to mainly proteins and fats (and veggies) for lunches and dinner. We still won't go super-crazy on the high days, but those would be the days for a sandwich at lunch or some pasta at dinner. He needs to get more involved in the decision making so he isn't blindsided down the road -- which is why I let him decide on the "cycle."

We'll see how it goes. Tomorrow we'll both weigh-in after we finally wake up. It won't be pretty, but it'll be a start. Another one.

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