Friday, January 6, 2017

5 hours to go!

In 5 hours I get out of here ... then I wait around to ship the boy off to school ... THEN I take his tablet up to the FedEx drop place and finally get it on its way to being fixed! They decided that they weren't going to make me pay for the return shipping this time after all so I had to wait for their prepaid box to show up. It's always fun getting an empty box delivered 😏  I had originally planned on going to the grocery store after getting John on the bus, but the FedEx place is in the opposite direction and it's been so cold lately that I may just put it off. We have a ton of eggs and bacon and ground beef on hand already so there really isn't anything we're in major need of, I guess.
So, 5 hours to go.
I know, I'm always so hard at work. To be honest, I'm just very good at multitasking. I'm currently also watching Ripper Street, eating a bunless burger, and making key packets up for arrivals while typing rather slowly with one hand. It's already taken me 15 minutes just to type out this much.
And then I go and get distracted by a guest and it've now 2:35am.
Only 4 hours and 25 minutes left to go!!!! HOORAY!
(Yes, I have the next two nights off and I'm horribly giddy!)

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