Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Busy busy busy!

I've accomplished SO much since the last time I bothered posting! I haven't moved much since I've also had the cold from hell ... but it hasn't completely held me back.

Let's see ... I got permission from the University to bring our own food into the stadium for games so John (and I, when I go) can have healthy options instead of just concession crap ... I've acquired a TON of new recipes to try ... and even got around to trying one of them today:
And fresh from the micro, at least, it was GOOD!
We popped part of the sandwich in the fridge to test how it will hold up for school lunch prep and whatnot. I'll keep you posted! Hopefully it'll be good soon ... especially since I have a ton of pork rinds arriving next week from WalMart 😏

Hmmm .... what else .... ???

Participated in a Readathon over the weekend that I posted about at The Well-Read Pirate Queen. It wasn't easy thanks to the horrid cold, but at least it gave me another reason not to have to move around much until work reared its ugly head!
Four books finished in 23 1/2 hours of reading time. Not too shabby. The next time one of these comes up I'll spend at least part of the reading time on the recumbent bike. I just didn't have it in me with the uck.

Oh, and speaking of uck: I did new "before" pics on the 18th.
(Like how I made it the last pic of the post so it won't be the automatic thumbnail for auto-shares? Sneaky, eh?)

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