Monday, January 16, 2017

In need of distractions!

It's Sunday night and I'm at work and neglected yet again to bring food with me.
My stomach is grumbling so loudly that I'm fairly certain it's bound to wake someone up.
I COULD order food to be delivered. One of the great things about being so close to a major university is the late-night delivery options, after all. Unfortunately, most of what is orderable is utter crap. A couple of months ago .... heck, a couple of DAYS ago .... I likely would have said "Hey, you can order the crap ... you walked to the bus stop 20 minutes away tonight instead of the one around the corner!" Because, you know, a couple of hundred extra calories burned at most would TOTALLY make up for eating way more than that.
I could do wings. They're typically low carb if not ordered with stupid sweetened sauces ... although the place that I'll likely be ordering from if I order at all is pretty hit-or-miss with them. They're either awesome or skimpy little charred bits of ugh on bone.
Or salad. I suppose I could do a ginormous salad. Or two, thanks to minimum order totals.
Or I could just sit here typing away and playing mindless Facebook games until it's too late to order anything at all and continue to subsist on coffee and the few pieces of sugar free gum I found bouncing around in the bottom of my purse.
Eenie meenie minie .....

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