Friday, February 3, 2017

How's THIS for a change?

I have absolutely nothing to complain about right now!
Well, the weather .... but that's really nothing anyone can do anything about.
Things are going well.
Weight-wise not much is changing, but it's just a matter of time.
We've been trying so many recipes that have been successful! I mentioned the pork rind bread last time and since we've also done a frozen ice cream-ish treat, gummies made with sugar free gelatin, a pizza crust, crackers .... and not a single thing has been a miss! Of course, it means a huge need to stock up on cheese and cream cheese and eggs and ...... I got a surprise check from the state for a property tax refund and I won't have to worry about THAT either!!! Sunday morning we should hit thee ol' Mart of Wal and I've spent a while scouring their website and making a list of what I want and where in the store it is. (I LOVE that they keep track of their stock online like that!)
Every few days I ask John if he's sure he's okay with sticking with it and he always says yes. He says that on top of the fact that he lost 5 pounds in January, he just feels better in general. He's loving trying new things and figuring out how we can make things even better. I just love that he's jumping in and getting involved with the decision making ...

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  1. Awesome! My kids could care less about shopping and prepping. I will get home from store and they will be like "Did you buy xyz" and I am like NO. I told you I was going and no one asked for anything.