Thursday, March 30, 2017

[insert expletives here]

Shortly after my last post I got talking to a friend of mine who happens to be a doctor and his wife. Discussed the facts of my yo-yo-ing and my Thing and being grain-free and LCHF and stuff in general.
"Do you, perchance, still have your gallbladder?"
Well, no. It's been gone for 21 years ... but I was able to lose weight before I had John (almost 11 years ago now -- his birthday is in June).
Well, no. That's only been my Thing for a couple of years tops (off and on, of course, because the lack of progress is so fecking frustrating). But I feel so much better grain free ... aside from the scale not doing what I want it to.
"Look up fat malabsorption .... and ..... you ARE taking enzymes & probiotics already, right?"
Well, no. No one ever told me to. I barely remember to take my multi-vitamin more than a couple of times a week.
"Thou shalt not continue to add extra fat if your body isn't processing it properly in the first place."
Well, fecking hell.
So, it's entirely possible that life will be improving soon with the addition of enzymes, probiotics, being better about my multis, B-complex and Magnesium .... but until I start getting all of that going I'm not going to worry about the Primal Blueprint or egg fast or adding extra fats or much of anything.

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