Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The annoyance of low-carb...

Well, one of the annoyances anyway:

My scale isn't moving.

It's not going down .... but, luckily, it isn't going up.

I've had standstills before. Lots of them. But wouldn't you think that SOME downward movement with the scale would happen since I know that my weight MUST be changing with how much better some of my clothes are fitting?!?


On a happy note, it was pizza day at school today for my son and it's normally the one day a week he'll carb it up at school. Today, however, we scurried about before he had to get on the bus and had just enough time to make him his own pizza to take with him. He says it's tastier than the school pizza, too. I'll call that a big ol' win!

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