Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Well, gosh.

It's pretty crazy when things work the way that they're supposed to, isn't it?
John and I have been taking our probiotics and various supplements/vitamins for just under four weeks now. I broke down and had some macaroni & cheese the other day and for the first time in eons it didn't result in me feeling like I was going to die! He's been having better luck having the occasional sandwich at school, too ... and with "going" on a more regular basis.

If the weather is decent on Saturday we're walking the mile and a half (ish) to Aldi to buy crazy things like bread.

Yep. Bread.

Sure, there are other places a lot closer with bread but Aldi has his favorite so it's worth the walk.

And tonight at work? Well, I'm all set to make lists and cheat sheets and copy recipes and such about my old friend, Weight Watchers' Simply Filling. It's been too long and my old cheats and such are currently MIA.

Besides. If I put it all in a TARDIS journal it'll mean more and will be far less likely to disappear.

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