Wednesday, May 24, 2017

And here we go .... again!

When I woke up from my post-work nap Tuesday afternoon I bolted downstairs and had three FedEx boxes waiting for me!
 Yup. One for each itty bitty part of my order. My VivoFit3, 2 extra wrist bands, and a clip. Each in its own way-too-big box.
Took me a while for it to behave properly with my phone. I fought and grumbled and swore and almost thought I would have to send it back and then rebooted my phone and everything was hunky-dory!
I spent an hour or so out back with John kicking around the soccer ball and playing baseball & basketball with his stuffed toys replacing the balls. We had a blast but it was a good reminder of how pathetically out of shape I'm in!

Finally, back to bed and then up for work and I left a few minutes earlier than usual to add in some steps.
Not bad for not even a full half day!

Onwards and upwards! (Well, downwards, hopefully ... for the scale, you know ....)

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