Friday, May 19, 2017

Ooooh so excited!!!

During a lovely chat with one of my favoritest people in the entire universe (my cousin Hannah), I popped on to Dell's website to see if they started carrying FitBits since the last time I looked. Mine went MIA ages ago and I've realized that the downword spiral of angst and yo-yoing really started once I was without it or my poor beloved BodyBugg. I know it's all psychological, but it is what it is .... and miracle of miracles, Dell has a whole bunch of activity trackers on their site now and I have a whole bunch of credit!

And I'm not getting a FitBit.

I saw that some of the options were available for immediate shipment and the FitBits wouldn't ship for one to two WEEKS. Hrmph.

So I started looking and googling and review reading and now I'm about to be the (hopefully) very proud owner of a Garmin Vivofit 3 with optional belt clip and two pretty pretty wrist band options to go with the default black!
And, of course, I've also been on ebay window shopping other band options already ☺

The preliminary estimate said that it should arrive this coming Wednesday. With the way Dell usually is with getting things to me, though, Monday or Tuesday wouldn't surprise me at all!

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  1. I actually went with forgot because they are the ones that bought bodybugg technology. :)I had the same Garmin Matt does but it was never love. I like the easy fitbit set up.