Thursday, June 22, 2017

75 Days

75 days is how much time there will be between John's last day of 5th grade (today) and his first day of 6th grade (September 6th). That's a lot of days of less sleep than usual for me, BUT it's a small price to pay for the added bonus of having my boy around ... especially when he's said he'll help keep me active and honest as far as thee ol' eating goes.

75 days is, of course, just shy of 11 weeks. September 6th happens to be a Wednesday so if we go from the weighin from this most recent Wednesday (being, of course, yesterday) which was 226.8, I could "easily" see 215 by the time school starts back up again and, if I really bust my ass, maybe even be at least close to Onederland again.

Yeah, I know ... it's all been said before and you really have no reason to believe that this time I'll actually manage to stick to it. BUT I've been going through quite a lot of mental and emotional shit that, for the most part, I've come to some sort of terms with and I think that will help. Besides, I'll have my personal trainer home from school and he can be pretty tough when he wants to be and summer here means a whole lot of walking opportunities. There's a city pool up the hill from our house we can go to when the weather is decent ... plus three different libraries within walking distance ... the usual grocery shopping ... and a ton of special events we might want to do:

* Weekly Food Truck + Music Fridays at the museum -- @ 30 minute walk time each way

* Pool trips -- @ 15-20 minute each way (plus the time spent in the pool ... and the park, in general is awesome and worthy of going to even without the pool ... may even catch some Shakespeare going on)

* Walking to his best friend's house to say hey -- @ 30-40 minutes each way

* Central Library -- @ 30 minutes each way

* NYS Blues Fest -- @ 30 minutes each way

* Onondaga Creekwalk to mall/lake -- @ 30 minutes to Walk entrance, additional 90 minutes, probably (including a rest break) on Walk  [we did this once before .... on a day that was too hot .... and we about died. Definitely a "bus back home" one way trip]

* Basically anything listed here that strikes our fancy.

And, of course,  we're perfectly willing and able most of the time to just wander aimlessly talking about video games and life in general as we go. There doesn't always have to be a thing .... but having a thing sometimes helps 😏

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