Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What the funk???

I had a handful of really good days. I walked. I spent quality time on thee ol' recumbent. I ate well. And then I got the funk and tonight is feeling funkier than most. I don't want to read in spite of (or maybe because of) the dozens of books that need reviewing for the other blog. I can't focus on watching anything -- not even my beloved Supernatural or any of the movies on Shudder. I've got Doctor Who on now because I've seen them all so many times that I really don't have to pay attention and at least it makes things a little less lonely albeit still funktastic. I was briefly giddy about some live music events going on here Thursday & Friday that I thought would be fun to take John to .... until I checked the weather and both days are supposed to be utter crap. So I'm whiney and cranky and more than a wee bit crampy on top of it all (which I'm sure isn't helping the funk .... stupid stupid hormones).


I should go read something. I've got just over 2 hours left to my shift and according to Kindle app, the next book on my to-do list should take about 4 hours to read so I may be able to knock about half of it out if I don't get many distractions. Of course, the distractions may be welcome ....

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